External Heart Dissection – Triple Bypass

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Great guesses! The picture with the aortic valve has three bypass grafts. Those were the small holes with the sutures. The first 3 pictures show the external anatomy with the bypasses. pics 4 and 5 show the aorta opened to show the openings of the bypass grafts with the probe inserted into one of the openings. Pic 6 shows the answer of the pic I posted with the bypasses labeled. Pics 7-9 show. Cross sections of the left and right ventricles showing evidence of an old myocardial infarction (MI). The patient needed coronary artery bypass grafts because the coronary arteries had become so calcified that they were extremely stenosed. This blood could not properly pass through to supply the heart and the patient had a myocardial infarction(MI- heart attack). The patient then had the bypasses put in to resolve this issue. The coronary arteries were not the only evidence of atherosclerosis. The abdominal aorta (10th pic) was also extremely calcified with plaques.

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