About This Website

This website and its content are not meant to replace your current anatomy texts or lectures. This is a supplemental resource which serves as a guide to understanding the big picture, high-yield anatomy concepts. The goal is to help you understand concepts without getting lost in the details, ultimately being able to succeed in your courses and excel on your exams. This is a free resource meant purely for educational purposes and can be used as a supplemental resource to the ebook series Garner’s Guide to Gross Anatomy.The book series includes cadaver dissection instructions with step-by-step pictures and videos, practice tag exam photos with video explanations of each tag, as well as a basic overview of concepts and information meant to parallel the contents of this website. You can find more information about the books here.

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Disclaimer: All videos created without rehearsal or script. I tend to talk fast, so there is a speed option on all videos. I know that many students like to put videos on 2x speed when they review them, so you have that option as well.